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Draft National Mitigation Plan Public Consultation

​​​Under the Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Act 2015, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment must submit a National Mitigation Plan to Government for approval no later than 10 June 2017.

Development of Ireland's first statutory National Mitigation Plan represents a hugely important first step in enabling transition to a low carbon, climate-resilient and environmentally sustainable economy by 2050. The preparation of the plan is designed to be a whole-of-Government approach to tackling greenhouse gas emissions, particularly, in the key sectors  - Electricity Generation, the Built Environment, Transport and Agriculture. The plan will be a living document, with work continuing on an on-going basis with updates published to this website.

This public consultation, which closed on Wednesday 26 April 2017 will help inform the draft National Mitigation Plans further development before a final plan is submitted to Government in June 2017. The draft plan highlights several key questions for stakeholders to consider in terms of how best Ireland should position itself in taking this first step in achieving the national transition objective by 2050.


Strategic Environmental Assessment and Appropriate Assessment
Environmental analysis has been undertaken as part of the development of the draft Plan. The Strategic Environmental Assessment Environmental Report and Appropriate Assessment Natura Impact Statement are critical inputs to the development of the draft plan. Both documents ensure that environmental concerns are integrated into the decision-making and implementation process at both sectoral and national level.

The Department is bound by the Freedom of Information legislation and reserves the right to publish all submissions received.

Consultation Documents



National Mitigation Plan Briefing Document Mitigation Plan Briefing Document.pdfNational Mitigation Plan Briefing Document13/07/2017 23:00:00pdf1030493
Draft National Mitigation Plan National Mitigation Plan11/04/2017 23:00:00pdf1586685
National Mitigation Plan-Draft NIS Mitigation Plan-Draft NIS11/04/2017 23:00:00pdf2779804
National Mitigation Plan- Draft SEA Mitigation Plan- Draft SEA11/04/2017 23:00:00pdf4355607

Consultation Submissions



1 List of Submissions Received on Draft National Mitigation Plan List of Submissions Received on Draft National Mitigation Plan.pdf1 List of Submissions Received on Draft National Mitigation Plan18/07/2017 23:00:00pdf109412
An Taisce Taisce.pdfAn Taisce18/07/2017 23:00:00pdf245804
Angely 23:00:00pdf222290
Authentic Energy Management Services Limited Energy Management Services Limited.pdfAuthentic Energy Management Services Limited18/07/2017 23:00:00pdf182892
Bates 23:00:00pdf419510
Bennett 23:00:00pdf176528
Bolger 23:00:00pdf74467
Bord Gáis Energy Gáis Energy.pdfBord Gáis Energy18/07/2017 23:00:00pdf268035
Bord Na Móna Na Móna.pdfBord Na Móna18/07/2017 23:00:00pdf281066
Boyle 23:00:00pdf185797