Undertaking research on climate change issues is essential to understand the impacts that global warming may have on our planet. Climate science research infrastructure is a key resource for informing policy development for both mitigation and adaptation. It also enables Ireland to contribute to ongoing international efforts in relation to climate science research, observation and analysis. Climate Change Research is funded across Government and also at EU and international level through a variety of programmes. The section below summarises 2 programmes that are under the remit of this Department.

Technical Research and Modelling Group(TRAM)
An appropriate permanent technical and economic advisory infrastructure is essential to support the development of cost effective measures which deliver the optimal mitigation potential, exploit economic opportunities and safeguard our economic recovery. In this context the was established in 2015. TRAM is A high level technical group, reporting to the Senior Officials’ Group to the Cabinet Committee on Economic Infrastructure and Climate Change, is actively engaged in identifying cost-efficient and achievable measures that are reasonable for Ireland to take in terms of bridging the gap to achieving 2020 targets under the ESD. The Group is also tasked with the identification of a cost-efficient and fair contribution for Ireland to make to overall EU 2030 ambition, with particular reference to the identification of a trajectory from now to 2030. The group is comprised of experts from a cross-section of relevant Government Departments and State Agencies as well as representation from academic institutions. TRAM so far has assisted the Government in developing the draft National Mitigation Plan (NMP), and also in informing negotiations with the European Commission relating to Member State targets for distributing the EU 2030 30% target reduction in non-ETS GHG emissions.

EPA Climate Research Programme
The 2014-2020 EPA research programme is framed by the vision of Ireland’s transition to a carbon-neutral, low emission and climate-resilient society and economy by 2050, as well as being a source of climate change information and solutions.
It builds on the success of previous EPA research programmes and responds to developments and emerging issues. It is shaped around two concepts; “Towards 2050” and “Laboratory Ireland”. “Towards 2050” encapsulates research that informs the transition to a carbon neutral, low emission climate resilient Ireland by 2050.
“Laboratory Ireland” promotes an experimental approach to analysis of solutions and technologies and promotes Ireland as a key location for innovation. Together these aim to leverage action and support sustainable economic growth.
The goal for the 2014-2020 period is to enable an effective research programme that is practical, solutions-focused and strategic under four specific themes:

Theme 1: Carbon Stocks, GHG Emissions, Sinks and Management Options
Theme 2: Ireland’s Future Climate, its Impacts, and Adaptation Options
Theme 3: Climate Solutions, Transition Management and Opportunities
Theme 4: Air Science

Further information on EPA funded research including copies of all completed research projects, call documents etc is available on the EPA homepage.​​