How to Apply

Entry forms for the Tidy Towns 'Climate Action and Air Quality' Special Award will soon be available for download from this page.

Each entry will be asked to highlight one key awareness initiative in their community which makes a lasting and positive contribution to the climate change and/or air quality challenges. This could feature thematic lectures, workshops, promotional campaigns, etc.

Entrants will also be asked to:

  • Show how they encouraged their community to improve the everyday choices they make with regard to climate action and air quality. Lifestyle changes with climate change and air quality benefits include smarter travel, reducing food waste, recycling and upcycling, and encouraging the use of low smoke fuel.
  • Show how they supported the sustainable use of local resources and a considered approach to protecting the environment. This could innovative waste management activities, tree planting, or other biodiversity projects.
  • Show how working together with the wider community has influenced behaviour change towards more environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. Entrants can engage with a wide range of local groups including sports clubs, social clubs, Men's Sheds, schools, local authorities, and other community groups.

The closing date for receipt of entries will be May 31st, 2020, and additional information and/or reports on ongoing events can be sent up to July 31st, 2020. Judging will then take place in August and winners will be announced in early September.

Further information

Further information on any aspect of the Tidy Towns 'Climate Action and Air Quality' Special Award is available by e-mailing or by telephoning Colm at (01) 6782322, Geraldine at (01) 6782087, or Orla at (01) 6782415.​