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Filter by Digital ChampionSchool Digital Champion Programme17/09/2017 23:00:00 Citizens Online Grant SchemeThe Digital Skills for Citizens Grant Scheme is a key part of the Government's National Digital Strategy and a significant policy priority for the Department.18/11/2016 00:00:00 Online Voucher SchemeTrading Online Voucher Scheme assists small businesses to trade online. Eligible businesses can apply for a voucher to invest in developing their ecommerce capability.04/06/2015 23:00:00 Call Answering ServiceECAS is responsible for all 112 and 999 calls to the Emergency Services in Ireland.21/02/2015 00:00:00 Funding Scheme7% of the TV licence fee is allocated to the Broadcasting Fund which supports a programming scheme called Sound and Vision and an Archiving Scheme. The BAI's Review of the Sound & Vision II Scheme is available here. 18/11/2013 00:00:00 Broadband PlanThe Government’s National Broadband Plan aims to radically change the broadband landscape in Ireland, through a combination of commercial and State led investment.31/07/2012 23:00:00 Broadband SchemeThe Rural Broadband Scheme (RBS) was designed to enable the provision of basic broadband to rural premises which were not capable of obtaining a service from a commercial operator.08/05/2011 23:00:00 100Mbps projectThe roll-out of 100Mbps high-speed broadband to all post primary schools,30/04/2010 23:00:00 Broadband SchemeThe National Broadband Scheme (NBS) was designed to deliver basic, affordable broadband to target areas across the country in which services were deemed to be insufficient. 23/12/2008 00:00:00 Area NetworksThe Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) are a publicly owned network of ducting and fibre optic cable laid in a ring formation in a metropolitan area. 31/05/2004 23:00:00

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