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Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce

The Programme for a Partnership Government committed to the establishment of a Mobile Phone and Broadband Taskforce. It aims to:

  • identify solutions to broadband and mobile phone coverage deficits; and
  • investigate how better services could be provided to consumers prior to full build and rollout of the network planned under the National Broadband Plan State intervention (NBP).

The terms of reference of the Taskforce are here.

The Taskforce published a Report​ on December 20 2016. This Report outlined the issues that the Taskforce considered. It also set out tangible actions to alleviate barriers to mobile reception and broadband access.

To monitor and drive progress, Minister Canney chairs an Implementation Group. This group meets quarterly and publishes progress reports each quarter. The Implementation Group published its Implementation Review 2018 on 20 February 2019. This reviews progress made in 2018, and includes the 2019 Work Programme.