2018 Reports

​On 21 February 2018, the Taskforce Implementation Group published the Implementation Review 2017. This document includes the 2018 Work Programme, which identifies 34 actions for delivery in 2018.

The Taskforce Implementation Group, chaired by Minister Canney, plays a vital role in monitoring and driving progress, to ensure the full delivery of all actions in the 2018 Work Programme.

Government Departments and agencies that are central to the delivery of the Taskforce actions sit on the Group. This includes ComReg who also attends in an observer capacity as the statutorily independent Regulator. Officials from this Department and the Department of Rural and Community Development support the Group.

Every quarter, the Implementation Group meets to discuss progress. It publishes a Quarterly Progress Report following each meeting. These reports are available at the bottom of this page.

The Implementation Group published its Implementation Review 2018 on 20 February 2019. This reviews progress made in 2018, and includes the 2019 Work Programme.

Meeting minutes are also available: