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The National Broadband Plan

​​​​​The National Broadband Plan (NBP) is the Government's plan to deliver high speed broadband services to all businesses, farms and households in Ireland. It will ensure that people living and working in rural areas have the same digital opportunities as those in urban areas.​


The Government has signed the contract for delivering the NBP with Natio​nal Broadband Ireland​​, securing equal access for every person in Ireland to opportunities which will transform our lives.

Work will now begin to bring high speed broadband services to 1.1 ​million people. Over the next four years, more than 90% of premises in the State will have access to these services, opening up opportunities in health, agriculture, education, rural development and tourism.

The Government has committed to providing high speed broadband in areas wh​ere there are currently no plans for commercial development. Extensive consultation has taken place to determine the intervention areas that will be connected.

Nearly 300 broadband connection points (BCPs)​ will be provided in Year 1, providing free Wi-Fi in local communities supporting digital work hubs in every county. The provision of the fibre network will take place in conjunction with these BCPs, with 115,000 premises covered by year 2, and 70,000-100,000 premises each year thereafter.  

The Department will continue to have significant oversight of the project to monitor costs and progress, and to ensure efficient delivery of broadband services.