Blue Area

My house is located in a BLUE area, what does this mean for me?

BLUE areas are the parts of the country where commercial operators are delivering, or have indicated plans to deliver, high speed broadband services. This means you should be able to get high speed broadband from at least one Retail Service Provider.

I am in a BLUE area and I can't get high speed broadband

We are conscious that there are premises within BLUE areas that cannot access a high speed broadband connection.

Firstly, please check with all operators offering service in your area.

If you have already checked with all operators and still have no service, please send your name and Eircode to

The Department monitors the actual deployment of broadband infrastructure by commercial operators across the country on an ongoing basis, and engages with commercial operators in relation to same.

Should commercial operators' plans for premises in BLUE areas not materialise it may become necessary for the Department to intervene, possibly by bringing unserved BLUE area premises into the State intervention area.

I already have high speed broadband but I want an upgrade/Fibre to the home

The key objective of the National Broadband Plan (NBP) is to deliver high speed broadband services to every city, town, village and individual premises in Ireland. If high speed broadband, defined as 30Mbps or more, is already available at your home or business from any provider you are considered provided for under the terms of the NBP.

If you want an upgrade to fibre to the home/higher broadband speeds that is a matter for your provider. We cannot compel providers to upgrade services in any area or to any premises, or influence their day-to-day operations in any way.

Does the NBP map use GIS and can I get a copy of the data?

The NBP map uses GIS and we can supply copies of the map layer. Please contact the NBP team at

How can I make a complaint about service from my current provider?

Complaints about the service provided are usually between you and the service provider and are subject to the terms of service of your contract with them.  If you have an issue with your broadband provider the first point of contact is the provider's customer service department.

If you have done everything you can to solve your issue with the customer service department and you're still not happy, you can contact the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) for help.

Any issues with service provision, including problems with quality of service, are the responsibility of ComReg.

ComReg is the independent body that issues licences to broadband service providers and investigates complaints to make sure that companies are delivering services in line with their licence obligations.

ComReg contact details:

Phone - 01 804 9600
Online - 
Email -