State Intervention

The National Broadband Plan is the Government's plan to deliver high speed broadband services to all businesses, farms and households in Ireland.

The State Intervention focuses on areas where there is no existing or planned commercial network.  This non-commercial High Speed Broadband area is known as the Intervention Area.

Following an extensive procurement process, in November2019, Government signed the contract for National broadband Ireland to provide high speed broadband network in the State intervention area.

Further information on this is available here.

The Intervention Area is represented on the High Speed Broadband Map as Amber. 

Use the Map to check if you live in an area that can access a high speed service through commercial operators or an area that is part of the State intervention area.

The State Intervention area includes:

  • c. 537,000 premises
  • 1.1 million people (23% population)
    • over 54,000 farms (69% of national total of farms)
    • 44,000 non-farm businesses (mostly small and micro)
    • 695 schools