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Since the Eircode launch in July 2015, Eircode usage continues to grow and is used widely among the public, businesses and public sector. This, in part, can be seen by use of the free online Eircode Finder website with over 56.9 Million lookups since launch (figure to end Jan 2020).



Look out for leaflets about Eircode at your doctor's surgeries

An Eircode can be valuable when requiring medical assistance.   Look out for the handy leaflets that are now available in Doctors' Surgeries nationwide. Each leaflet has a tear-off section where you can write down your Eircode and keep it in a handy place like your wallet, purse or beside your 'phone.



An independent nationally representative survey was carried out by Ámarach in 2019 to measure public sentiment towards Eircodes.  The results of the survey showed awareness is high, with 99% having heard of Eircodes and 94% responding that they have used Eircodes.  The survey results showed that 87% found Eircodes useful with 59% knowing their Eircode off by heart and 72% aware that an Eircode is unique to each property.

The Irish Civil Service Customer Satisfaction survey was carried out in 2019, with over 2,000 Irish adults taking part in the nationally representative face to face survey by Ipsos MRBI.  The survey asked  "when providing your address, how often, if at all, have you used your Eircode in the past year?"  The results show that in the past year 68% of those surveyed use their Eircode always, frequently or occasionally.  

In July 2018, Amárach Research conducted Face-To-Face research in homes across the country to find out what householders thought of Eircodes three years after Eircodes launch.  The research study, revealed 72% of Irish households have used their Eircode and 70% have used the unique address code system for online shopping.   69% of those surveyed said they find Eircode useful. 96% of householders, have heard of Eircode and 76% know that it is a unique code for each house or business in Ireland.  87% of householders either know their Eircode or have it to hand.   Across Ireland usage of Eircode is 74% in Dublin, 73% in Leinster and 71% across Munster, Connacht and Ulster.  You can see these stats in the attached useful infographic. 

Property Marking IrelandEircode have teamed up with not-for-profit company Property Marking Ireland and local communities, to roll out a nationwide property marking programme which aims to combat property theft and assist in the identification and return of stolen property.

Property that is marked with the Eircode is less attractive to thieves as it is difficult to sell and easier for An Garda Síochána to trace the owner.   An Garda Siochana recommend that you mark your property, making it easier to reunite you with your property, if it is recovered.  This is particularly beneficial with more rural addresses as the majority share the same address.

Sat Navs and Eircodes.  Eircodes are now fully integrated in Google Maps, enabling members of the Public and Businesses to use Google Maps to accurately locate addresses and get directions. TomTom, HERE Navigation and Garmin  have also integrated the Eircode into their maps making it easier to find locations, enabling retailers to easily capture addresses and  delivery agents to deliver to Irish households more reliably and efficiently.   

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) integrated Eircodes into their Computer Aided Dispatch system and actively encourage people who are seeking an emergency ambulance to have their Eircode available to pass it on to the call taker. This means that the patient's address and the position of the nearest available ambulance can be accurately pinpointed on a digital map. This enables an ambulance to quickly and accurately be routed to someone in need of medical help.

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) are currently fitting their ambulances with Digital Mobile Data Systems (MDTs) that allows responding crews to have the call details sent to their MDT screens together with the Eircode and visual location data in map format to assist with ambulance arrival at the correct location.  The MDT rollout of units installed in Ambulance vehicles is almost two thirds completed nationally.

Use the Eircode Finder to find your Eircode