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Eircode Case Studies




The Central Statistics Office (CSO) is the State body responsible for compiling and publishing official statistics. The CSO organises the population census every five years. Every year the office issues over 300 statistical reports and publications.


The NTA is the public transport licensing authority for Ireland. Its role includes providing services such as Journey Planner and managing the Rural Transport Programme. Using Eircodes has helped to make Journey Planner more accurate for users.


Waterford City and County Council (Comhairle Cathrach agus Contae Phort Láirge) is the authority responsible for local government in the City and County of Waterford, Ireland


NAS case study.pdf


Using Eircodes helps the NAS to respond quickly to emergency calls. If the Eircode is provided, the NAS call taker can find the exact location of the patient's address and can then direct the Ambulance.  This in turn speeds up response times.

NBP Case Study.pdf

DCCAE has developed an online resource, the High-Speed Broadband Map.  Enter your Eircode on the map, your exact address is displayed. You can then click on your premises and get more detailed information about the broadband plan for your area.

SUSI Case Study.pdf


​Using Eircodes speeds up the SUSI application process and makes sure applicants receive their correct entitlement.Eircodes have been included into SUSI's system to help determine which level of grant is correct for each applicant.

CRO Case Study.pdf


​The Companies Registration Office (CRO) manages and stores information on Irish companies and business names.  Using Eircodes  improves the accuracy of the information, and speeds up processing times.

GSI Case Study.pdf

The GSI gathers and manages information about our landscape   Eircodes have been successfully built in to the Tellus Communication Viewer (TCV) system.

TASK Case Study.pdf

TASK is a leading provider of emergency alarms, security systems and tracking devices. It operates a 24/7 monitoring centre.  Many TASK customers live in remote areas.  TASK are now using Eircodes to quickly locate vulnerable customers.

Post Logistics Case Study.pdf

​Post Logistics is an international freight forwarding service, operated by An Post.  It provides a pallet collection service.  The pricing  is not weight dependent, it is determined by the Eircode of the collection address and the destination.