4G and TV

​Some 4G signals operate close to the frequency band used for TV broadcasting. Steps have been taken to ensure separation of the frequencies. However, some TV aerials or signal boosters may also pick up the 4G signal. In a small number of cases, this can affect TV reception.

This page provides information on what you can do if you experience TV reception problems.

Whose TV reception may be affected?

Viewers using cable or satellite TV services are not expected to be affected. The majority of viewers using aerials to receive TV signal are not expected to be affected either. However, a small number of viewers using aerials may be affected.

Reception problems are more likely if you have an aerial installation that:

  • includes an amplifier or signal booster on the roof or in the attic;
  • has a TV aerial that is pointed in the direction of the 4G base station;
  • uses unshielded cabling and fittings.

How will I know if my TV is affected?

There are two noticeable ways to identify if your TV reception is affected. You may notice:

  • distorted (pixelated) picture and intermittent lines across the TV screen or
  • loss of your TV reception completely.

Can reception be restored?

Yes it can. The solution can be simple but will depend on your particular TV set-up and we recommend that if you do experience a problem, that you contact your local TV installer to advise you on the best solution for you.

What is involved in restoring the TV reception?

This depends on your particular TV set-up but solutions may include removing unnecessary signal boosters, installing a 4G filter and/or using better cabling. A TV aerial installer will be best placed to advise you of the right course of action.

How much will this cost?

The cost will depend on your TV set-up and whether an installer callout is required. If a filter is required, these are available from TV installers and some electrical suppliers who stock television aerials and electrical equipment.

Further information

If you have problems with your television reception, contact your local TV installer.

4G Signal and TV Reception FAQs (PDF 136KB)

Installer Guidelines (PDF 128KB)