TV Licence

Close up on red standby button on black television remote control

​If you have a television set, you must have a TV licence.

An Post issues TV Licences on behalf of the Minister. It also maintains a database of addresses which is updated regularly.

The Department pays commission from TV licence fee receipts to An Post. This commission relates to An Post's role as the Minister’s collection agent.

7% of the total revenue net of An Post’s commission is paid to the BAI. This funds the the Broadcasting Funding Scheme. The scheme (known as Sound & Vision) provides funding in support of:

  • high quality programmes on Irish culture, heritage and experience, and
  • programmes to improve adult literacy

The scheme supports independent producers and broadcasters for specific projects of a public service nature.​

RTÉ receives the remaining revenues.

A TV Licence costs €160 for both homes and businesses.

Licence fee breakdown for 2015 (JPEG 56.5 KB Source: RTÉ Annual Report & Accounts 2015)

You can buy a TV Licence by using the following payment methods:

  • Online using the TV Licence Online Service
  • At any Post Office
  • By dialling Lo-Call 1890 228528 - Credit or Debit card (24 hour service)
  • Direct Debit
  • TV Licence Records Office - cheque
  • TV Licence Saving Stamps (available from any Post Office)
  • Selected PostPoint outlets

Fines for an unlicensed television set can be up to €1,000 for a first offence and €2,000 for subsequent offences.

Further information on the TV Licence is available at:

If you qualify for Household Benefits, you may be eligible for a free Television Licence. Further information on this is available from the Department of Social Protection.​