Guidance Documents for Developers

Following public consultation, the Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment has published Guidance documents to help support the development of offshore renewable energy in Ireland.

Part 1 of the Guidance on Marine Baseline Ecological Assessments and Monitoring Activities Offshore Renewable Energy Projects document provides a non-technical summary of the baseline data requirements and monitoring that may be necessary to evaluate potential impacts of offshore renewable energy projects on the marine environment. It will be reviewed and updated as required. The guidance​ is intended primarily for developers, but will also be of benefit to consenting authorities during the consenting proces​ses.

Part 2 provides greater technical detail and is primarily aimed at the experts designing and undertaking the required monitoring and assessments.

The Guidance on EIS and NIS Preparation For Offshore Renewable Energy Projects  document  provides guidance on the preparation of Environment Impact Statements (EIS) and Natura Impact Statements (NIS) for offshore renewable energy projects. It aims to assist developers in preparing relevant statements that may be required for the development of projects. It will also provide competent authorities, consultation bodies and the public with a basis for determining the adequacy of these statements.  ​