DCCAE Resource Efficiency Action Plan

The Government Decision of January 2019 on Actions by Departments and Agencies on Single Use Plastics, Prevention of Waste and Green Public Procurement has determined that Government Departments will not purchase single-use plastics, beverage cups, cutlery and drinking straws, directly or indirectly, after 1 January 2019 except where specific public health/hygiene or safety issues arise. The Government Decision also introduced the requirement for Resource Efficiency Action Plans (REAP) to be prepared by Departments.

This Department has now produced its REAP. The Plan covers the period 2019 to 2021 and examines how the Department used its resources in three key areas – energy, water and waste and commits to taking specific actions in each of these areas along with transport which will result in a reduction in use of these resources and our carbon impact. While there are there are a lot of simple, low cost, actions we've taken and can continue, we now need to intensify our efforts as an organisation. This is why the REAP commits us to pursue accreditation for ISO 500001 for structured energy management and ISO 14001 for environmental management.

The Department's Green Team and its ongoing employee engagement process will ensure the targets set out in the REAP will be implemented and significantly reduce the environmental impacts of the Department's activities.