2018 Awards

The framework for Sustainable Development in Ireland sets out the challenges and options to ensure that quality of life and general wellbeing can be improved and sustained. We invite you to contribute to that framework by developing a leisurely walk within your community. The aim of this Award is to get people out walking, chatting to each other, and admiring their own community.

As organisers, you don’t need to bring in the heavy machinery or spend a lot of money. You just need to plan a route, create a map, encourage walkers and provide a place for them to rest. Whether it is a walk down a country lane or a city street, you will need rest spots, and something to attract and sustain the walkers’ interest. We leave that to your imagination.

The goal is to revitalise the space within your neighbourhood and to enhance community spirit. It must be inclusive of all the community.

This project is a community based competition, aimed at breaking down barriers, encouraging inclusivity and progressing the goals of Sustainable Development.

The Criteria for the walk:
  • A short walk from 300 to 1,000 metre
  • In your community
  • Seating every 150 metre
  • Circle back to the start
  • Include items of interest along the route
  • Develop a new walk or revitalise an existing route
Your design should
  • Allow all people to take part
  • Cater for various physical abilities
  • Cater for various age groups
  • Connect neighbours and environs.
  • Include the often excluded people
  • Revitalise your community
  • Include seating
Use re-cycled, up-cycled and re-used items to create this walk, the seating and the points of interest along the way.
€5,000 Prize Fund
  • First Prize       €1,000
  • Second Prize    €800
  • Third Prize       €700
  • Plus five prizes of €500
Points given for the inclusion of:
  • A variety of age groups
  • A variety of physical abilities
  • A variety of community groups
  • Seating, natural or man-made
  • Creative recycling, re-use, up-cycling

Also how well the walk:

      • Engages people’s interest
      • Meets competition’s aims and criteria.
Show us what you have done
  • Take pictures before, during and after.
  • Make a map pointing out the route and the items of interest
  • Take pictures of your interesting items, people and places
  • Show the seating and the people who made it and use it
  • Get feed-back from the walkers and the people who live or work along the route
  • In no more than 1000 words provide an outline of how you created your project and who uses it.
There are plenty of websites available to give you inspiration, here are a few:

16 Ways to Make Your Neighbourhood Safer, Greener & Fun | On the Commons
Sustainable development goals - United Nations