The National Food Waste Forum

​The EPA hosted its 2nd Forum on Food Waste in Dublin on 9th March, 2017, where Minister Naughten detailed a number of proposals to be implemented in order to promote food waste prevention efforts nationally.

The Minister announced the formation of an action group to examine solutions to food wastage from a retail point of view. 

A National Charter on Food Waste was also launched at the Forum, declaring the significance of food waste as a pressing environmental and social issue, and committing signatories to take a strong approach to prevent food waste – including a direct commitment to implement at least one food prevention action within the first year of signing up. It is expected that signatories to the Charter will come from across the production, processing and retail sectors along with householders and community groups.

A multi-media awareness and education campaign promoting the use of the food waste or ‘brown bin’, prepared by the three Regional Waste Management Planning Offices, was launched by the Minister the same day. As a first step in the Minister’s awareness and education campaign on food waste, members of staff in the Minister’s own department have been provided with food waste education and there are plans to extend this programme to other departments in the coming months.

Additional initiatives with Bord Bia’s Origin Green programme are planned to tackle food waste in the production sector. 

The Minister also indicated his continuing support for the work the Stop Food Waste campaign is undertaking, with local communities around the country and has built on this commitment with increased financial support to the EPA’s “Stop Food Waste” campaign.
Further waste information campaigns, funded by the Department, will be rolled out by the Regional Waste Management Planning Offices in 2017, including a module which will have a focus on increasing our recycling rates and the proper segregation of recyclable materials to reduce contamination.