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Local Authority Litter Fines and Expenditure Statistics

​​​​The current €150 on-the-spot fine for littering offences, which became effective on 30 September 2007, is one of a range of measures aimed at tackling the problem of litter in Ireland. Authorised local authority officers and Gardaí may issue a notice or on-the-spot fine to an individual believed of committing a prescribed offence under the Acts.

In addition, under the Protection of the Environment Act 2003, penalties attaching to litter offences are substantial.  This Act amended sections 19, 21 and 24 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 and introduced conviction on indictment for litter offences, with a maximum fine of €130,000 and set the maximum fine for summary conviction at €4,000.  The fines for continuing offences are €600 per day for summary offences and €10,000 per day for indictable offences.  A person convicted of a litter offence may also be required by the court to pay the local authority's costs and expenses in investigating the offence and bringing the prosecution.

Complaints regarding a perceived lack of action to tackle litter issues should be made to the appropriate local authority.

A breakdown by local authority of the total amount collected for litter on-the-spot fines and court fines and costs is also available below.

Local Authority Litter Fines 2009-2013

Local Authority Litter Fines 2014-2016

Local Authority Litter Fines 2017

Local Authority Litter Fines 2018 

Local Authority Expenditure Statistics

Each local authority must determine the most appropriate course of action to tackle litter pollution locally, including the most appropriate public awareness, enforcement and clean-up actions in relation to litter and dog fouling, taking account of its own particular circumstances and priorities. 

In 2018, local authorities spent approx. €107 million nationally on litter control and prevention.   Data in relation to expenditure by each Local Authority on street/road cleaning, litter warden services, and litter public awareness initiatives, for the years 2010 to 2018 is available below. 

Local Authority Street Cleaning and Litter Expenditure 2010-2013

Local Authority Street Cleaning and Litter Expenditure 2014-2016

Local Authority Street Cleaning and Litter Expenditure 2017​

Local Authority Street Cleaning and Litter Expenditure 2018

National Litter Pollution Monitoring System

My Department commissions an annual National Litter Pollution Monitoring System (NLPMS) report.  The most recent published data derived from 2015 local authority surveys demonstrate that nationally the litter situation is continuing to improve. Further details of the System is available on