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Public Consultation on a resubmitted application by Vermilion E&P Ireland Limited to conduct an offshore pipeline survey and inspection of the offshore facilities in the Corrib Field

​Vermilion Exploration & Production Ireland (Vermilion) plan to undertake a geophysical and visual survey programme of the Corrib offshore gas pipeline, sections of the umbilical, Bellanaboy Bridge Gas Terminal (BBGT) treated surface water outfall pipeline, and infield flowlines and umbilicals between the Corrib Field manifold and the landfall at Glengad, northwest Co. Mayo. In addition, the scope of work will include a programme of repair / renewal works at the P3 wellhead including some potential rectification works and integrity testing at the Corrib Field, which will also require the use of acoustic survey equipment. The surveys will inspect and assess the integrity of the subsea structures and are being undertaken to provide up-to-date seabed asset data, which will help determine the exact requirements of maintenance work scheduled for 2019 and beyond. The public are invited to make submissions in relation to this application. Submissions can be sent to

This application was posted on the Department's website on 16 April 2019 and any submission received by close of business on 28 May 2019 will be considered by the Minister.


Update 7 June 2019

Further to Regulation 42(3) of the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011-15 as amended (Birds and Habitats Regulations), Vermillion Exploration and Production Ireland Ltd have been directed to provide further information to enable  screening for Appropriate Assessment be carried out on the application.

When received, the additional information will be published on the Department website and further submissions invited to be made on the additional material for the purposes of the AA Screening Assessment.  Any submissions received will be taken into account in any final AA Screening Determination made in respect of this application.



Consultation Documents



Vermilion Corrib P3 Hydraulic Fluid Loss Permanent Repair Method Corrib P3 Hydraulic Fluid Loss Permanent Repair Method.pdfVermilion Corrib P3 Hydraulic Fluid Loss Permanent Repair Method25/04/2019 15:00:00pdf626683
Vermilion Corrib Subsea Inspection Method Statement Corrib Subsea Inspection Method Statement.pdfVermilion Corrib Subsea Inspection Method Statement25/04/2019 15:00:00pdf148097
Vermilion Corrib Survey Application to Conduct Offshore Survey Corrib Survey Application to Conduct Offshore Survey.pdfVermilion Corrib Survey Application to Conduct Offshore Survey25/04/2019 15:00:00pdf508694
Vermilion Corrib Natura Impact Statement Impact Statement_Vermilion.pdfVermilion Corrib Natura Impact Statement15/04/2019 23:00:00pdf2282743
Vermilion Corrib Screening and Environmental Risk Assessment and Environmental Risk Assessment.pdfVermilion Corrib Screening and Environmental Risk Assessment15/04/2019 23:00:00pdf1573197

Consultation Submissions