Rehabilitation Project

In June 2000, a Report on the Investigation into the Presence and Influence of Lead in the Silvermines area of County Tipperary was issued by an Inter-Agency Group.  One of the recommendations in this report specified for management and rehabilitation plans to be drawn up and implemented for each historic mine site in the area.  SRK were engaged to prepare conceptual designs for the management and rehabilitation of the Silvermines region.  Please see below for SRK's reports.

Silvermines Rehabilitation Project Reports

Summary Report (2002): Management and Rehabilitation of the Silvermines Area (pdf, 1.4MB)
Phase 1 Report (2001): Review of Available Information (pdf, 3.9MB)
Phase 2 Report (2002): Management Options (Part 1) (pdf, 4MB)
Phase 2 Report (2002): Management Options (Part 2) (pdf, 1.2MB)
Phase 2 Report (2002): Management Options (Appendices A, B, C) (pdf, 3.6MB)
Phase 2 Report (2002): Management Options (Appendices D, E, F, G, H, I, J) (pdf, 2.9MB)
Phase 3 Report (2002): Conceptual Design (pdf, 1.8MB)
Phase 4 Report (2005): Conceptual Design (pdf, 2.9MB)
Silvermines Rehabilitation Project Overview 2008 (pdf, 5MB)
Silvermines Rehabilitation Project Update August 2011 (pdf, 2MB)