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Regional Seismic Survey (2013-2014)

In 2013 & 2014, a major 2D regional seismic survey was undertaken by the Department in conjunction with ENI Ireland BV over Ireland's Atlantic frontier basins. The Regional Seismic Survey acquired 16,800 km of full-fold 2D regional seismic data and gravity and magnetic data.  A map showing the coverage of the survey can be viewed here.

This is the largest seismic survey acquired in the Irish offshore, and provides a regional grid of high-quality seismic data over Ireland's frontier basins, infilling existing surveys and providing new coverage to fill data gaps. In June 2015, this project was awarded Winner in the Offshore Ireland category of the Maritime Industry Awards.

The data will aid in the understanding and identifying of potential prospectivity for oil and gas offshore Ireland, and will be of particular interest to Government, industry and researchers.

The data acquired in the survey is now available from the Department at no cost other than an administration fee. Information on the different types of data available can be found below.

2013/2014 Data

2013/2014 RSS Data Available (map)

2013/2014 RSS Basin Datasets (map)

2013/2014 RSS Data Available (List)

2013/2014 RSS Acquisition Shapefiles

Queries in respect of the Regional Seismic Survey should be submitted by email to