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Application by Woodside Energy (Ireland) Pty Ltd for a geotechnical investigation

Application for consent by Woodside Energy (Ireland) Pty Ltd for a geotechnical investigation involving collection of cores from 22 shallow boreholes throughout the Atlantic Margin.

An application for Ministerial consent for a geotechnical investigation was received on 30 March 2020, from Woodside Energy (Ireland) Pty Ltd, currently holders of Petroleum Prospecting Licence PPL 1/20, granted by the Minister for Communications Climate Action and Environment pursuant to Section 9 of the Petroleum Act 1960. The applicant is proposing to conduct a geotechnical investigation, involving the collection of cores from up to 22 shallow boreholes distributed throughout the Irish Atlantic Margin (Figure 1.1 - Map of Proposed Boreholes) at water depths ranging from approximately 50 to 2,600 metres.

The cores will be obtained using a geotechnical survey vessel which will visit each individual borehole location in turn. It is anticipated that survey operations will start between June and early August 2020 or similar period in 2021, subject to regulatory approvals and contractor availability. This project will take up to 40 days including operational time, transit between locations and allowances for weather downtime. The 22 locations shown in Figure 1.1, represent the maximum number of boreholes to be investigated. It is possible that some locations may not proceed due to time constraints or technical difficulties. The purpose of the investigation is to improve overall understanding of the offshore geology west of Ireland. This is a standalone investigation and not related to any planned oil and gas exploration activity for Woodside. The data obtained will be given to the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment’s (DCCAE) Petroleum Affairs Division (PAD) for public/industry use.

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This application was posted on the Department's website on 31 March 2020 and any submission received by close of business on 2 May 2020 will be considered by the Minister.

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