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Decommissioning of certain facilities within the Kinsale Head Petroleum Lease area

The Minister received an application from PSE Kinsale Energy for the decommissioning of certain facilities of the Kinsale Head gas fields. This application covered the removal of the Kinsale Alpha and Kinsale Bravo platform sub-structures (jackets) and all associated works.

The Minister previously consented to the plugging and abandoning of wells and the removal of the two platform topsides structures. A further application will be made in due course which will encompass all remaining structures in the gas fields, namely the pipelines and umbilicals. Details of the application are contained in the decommissioning plan below. Consent has been sought for approval of an addendum to the Plan of Development for the gas fields, in accordance with Section 13 and 13A of the Petroleum and Other Minerals Development Act 1960, as amended and also to alter and remove certain facilities from a designated area under Section 5(2) of the Continental Shelf Act 1960, as amended. The applications are accompanied by Environmental Impact Assessment Report and an Appropriate Assessment Screening Report. These reports cover the environmental impacts of the entire decommissioning of the facilities.

This application was posted on the Department's website on 12 August 2019 and the public were invited to send submissions in relation to this application to

Submissions for this consultation process closed on the 13th September 2019​

A decision on the application, once made, will be posted on this webpage and will be posted in a national newspaper.

Please note that the Environmental Impact Assessment Report and AA Screening Report are split into several files:



EIAR Volume 1

EIAR Volume 2: Part 1; Part 2: Part 3

EIAR Volume 3: Part 1; Part 2

EIAR Addendum


AA Screening Report

AA Screening Report

AA Addendum


Consultation Documents: