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Minister of State McHugh appoints Inland Fisheries Ireland Chair

Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Joe McHugh T.D., is to appoint Mr Fintan Gorman as Chairperson to the Board of Inland Fisheries Ireland with effect from today, 1st July 2015. The appointment was noted by the Government at its meeting of Tuesday 30th June 2015.

Mr Gorman has been a member of the Board of Inland Fisheries Ireland since 10th September 2013 when he was appointed for a 5 year term. Mr Gorman's appointment as Chairperson will be for the remaining portion of his 5 year term on the Board, i.e. until 9th September 2018, in line with Section 14 (1) of the Inland Fisheries Act, 2010.

Minister of State McHugh said: "I am delighted to appoint Mr Gorman as Chairperson of Inland Fisheries Ireland, as he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the role, particularly in the area of environmental issues. His appointment will also provide vital continuity in a relatively new organisation. I wish Mr Gorman well in his role as Chairperson".

Minister of State McHugh also thanked the outgoing Chairperson, Mr Brendan O'Mahony, for his work as Chairperson since the establishment of Inland Fisheries Ireland 5 years ago. The vacancy on the Board created by Mr O'Mahony's departure will be filled as soon as possible through the process conducted by the Public Appointments Service.


Notes for Editor

Background on Selection Process

This appointment is being made in accordance with Section 12 (1)(a) of the Inland Fisheries Act, 2010 and is in line with Section 9.1.4 of "the Guidelines on Appointments to State Boards". The 2010 Act provides that the Minister of State must appoint the Chairperson from amongst the existing Board Members, and as a result no process was required in this instance. All future vacancies will be filled in accordance with the Guidelines on Appointments to State Boards.

Short biography

Mr Fintan Gorman is recently retired Principal of St. Joseph's National School, Cong, Co Mayo. He has gained extensive managerial and organisational experience over the years from his involvement in Boards of Management, community projects and his local angling club, which he established, while pursuing a high level of professional development. Mr Gorman has been a member of the Board of Inland Fisheries Ireland since 10th September 2013 when he was appointed for a 5 year term. As a member of the Board he is a member of the Sub Committee and was recently elected Chair of the Audit Committee.

Inland Fisheries Ireland Board Members at 1.07.2015

IFI Board MembersAppointment DateExpiry Date
Fintan Gorman (Chairperson)

10 September 2013 (to the Board)

1 July 2015 (as Chairperson)

9 September 2018
John Geary3 November 20102 November 2015
Marcus MacMahon17 November 201016 November 2015
Peter John Nally10 September 20139 September 2018
Martin McEnroe25 February 201424 February 2019
Niall Greene1 July 201430 June 2019
Frances Lucy24 March 201523 March 2020

Ciaran Byrne

(Chief Executive)

Ex-officio member of the Board

1 July 2010

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