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Objectives of the Communications section:

  • Maximise opportunities for economic growth, competition and social inclusion by promoting investment into communications networks.
  • Support small Irish business trade online by enhancing citizen engagement with digital technology.
  • Promote, support and protect the media sector including televised, digital, radio and print media.
  • Provide relevant, efficient and regulated public service broadcasting.
  • Ensure Irish customers, both business and residential, enjoy high-quality, competitively-priced postal services that satisfy the highest EU quality standards.
  • View the Statement of strategy

Divisions within the Communications Section:

Business and Technology Division

The Business and Technology Division supports policy and develops legislation  in the areas of Internet, fixed networks, convergence, radio spectrum, broadcast networks, satellite, mobile and contract management.

Internet Policy Division

The Internet Policy Division is responsible for delivering a national cyber security strategy, media merger guidelines, internet governance and delivery of the Galway Mayo fibre project and the Emergency Call Answering Service (ECAS).

Telecommunications Policy and Regulatory Division

The Telecommunications Policy and Regulatory Division is involved in the formulation of policy at both a national and EU level in relation to telecommunications issues, which also includes the National Broadband Plan.

It also deals directly with ComReg in relation to the national and EU regulatory framework for telecommunications.

National Digital Strategy and Telecommunications Market Contracts

This division facilitates the implementation of the National Digital Strategy, which focuses on: enterprise (by assisting small and micro enterprises to trade online); citizens (by ensuring citizens and communities can reap the economic and social benefits of the internet); and education (by enhancing teaching and learning through greater use of digital resources).

They oversee the management of a number of broadband infrastructure projects and related telecommunications market contracts (including Metropolitan Area Networks, Schools 100Mbps project and North South Telecoms project).

Broadcasting & Media Division

The Broadcasting & Media Division develops legislation to facilitate the provision of quality broadcasting services in Ireland, and optimises opportunities presented by emerging technologies for the provision of new Irish-based broadcasting services.

Postal Division

The Postal Division develops policies that ensure Irish customers, both business and residential, enjoy competitively priced, high-quality postal services. This division is managed under Governance and Operation.

Postcodes Division

The Postcodes Division is responsible for the management of the Postcode Management License Holder (PMLH) contract. This division is managed under Governance and Operation.