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National Dialogue on Climate Change

​The Energy White Paper, published in December 2015, is a framework that will guide policy in the energy sector from now up to 2030. It sets out the plan for Ireland's transition to a low carbon energy future. A key action in the White Paper is the establishment of a National Energy Forum (NEF).

Building on from this proposed action, the Programme for Partnership Government includes a commitment to establish a National Dialogue on Climate Change (NDCC). The NDCC will include a wider consideration of issues relevant to how we transition to a low carbon, climate resilient economy.

Minister Naughten confirmed his plan for the NDCC to encompass the NEF in his speech at the Energy Ireland Conference on 16 June 2016. The Minister outlined how the NDCC will be a key tool to providing public input into policy formation on climate action.

More information will be provided on the NDCC in due course.