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Socruithe Coitinne le haghaidh Gáis

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Since 2008, Departmental policy in respect of gas has been engaged in the development of the Common Arrangements for Gas (CAG) project. 

The CAG project is a cross-border project which aims are to create fair and transparent arrangements across the island of Ireland. Its aim is to deliver a market where stakeholders on the island of Ireland could buy, sell and transport natural gas and that the market could be operated, developed and planned effectively on an all-island basis for the benefit of consumers on the island. 

However, the CAG project has been superseded by EU internal gas market developments. The EU agenda requires the implementation, within specified timeframes, of binding EU gas network codes. These codes are set out in EU legislation and aim to enhance trading in gas between Member States.

The Department, the Commission for Energy Regulation(CER) and the system operators for electricity and gas are working with their counterparts both at regional and EU levels towards electricity and gas market integration. The focus is currently on the development of Framework Guidelines and network codes (market rules) relating to both the electricity and gas markets which will apply across the EU.