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National Waste Prevention Programme

​Waste prevention is a critical part of resource efficiency and optimising a circular economy and addresses not just ‘waste’ but also wastage of resources in the broadest terms.

Ireland has a well-established National Waste Prevention Programme which is seen as an example of best practice in the EU. The work of the programme, delivered by the EPA, is overseen by National Waste Prevention Committee (NWPC) which is comprised of a wide range of stakeholders in the area of waste management, environmental protection, business and community engagement.

The programme provides business, households and the public sector with guidance and supports to be more resource efficient. This includes activities and initiatives such as the LIving Green initiatives

· Local Authority Prevention Network
· Green Healthcare
· Green Business
· Smart Farming
· Green Home
· Stop Food Waste
· Greening Communities

More details on all the initiatives and programmes in place can be found here.
The latest National Waste Prevention Plan is titled ‘Towards a resource efficient Ireland .

The annual progress reports for the National Waste Prevention Program can be found here.