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Struchtúir Fhorfheidhmithe

A review of waste enforcement structures was conducted in 2013, in line with a commitment in Ireland's Waste Management Policy. The review looked at the respective regulatory and enforcement roles of the Environment Protection Agency and local authorities. It identified the existing strengths and weaknesses in this area and made recommendations for the future.

Ireland has experienced improvements in waste enforcement in recent years and a corresponding change in the culture of compliance. However, new and complex challenges await and Ireland must respond with new solutions and greater flexibility in the way we deliver them.

Improved enforcement has been underpinned by financial support from the Department to retain a network of enforcement officers across the country. It is imperative that the system it is supporting is as efficient and effective as possible and that the optimum structures are in place to deliver the best outcomes in terms of waste enforcement.

In quarter 4 of 2015, three new waste enforcement regional lead authorities were established to drive improved performance and greater consistency in waste enforcement.