Tigroney West Project

The Tigroney West works are part of a €3m Government project started in December 2013. The project will address essential health and safety works in the Tigroney area of the Avoca Mines site.

From July to December 2016, we will be carrying out the work. These works will address a range of public health and safety concerns, and reduce the hazard to public health and the local environment.

The works include:

  • Re-routing of the existing electricity line to run underground along the East Avoca mine road. This allows for the removal of the pylons located on the site.
  • Works at the '850 Adit', a mine access tunnel, including rehabilitation and reconstruction of the entrance portal.
  • Restoration of the 'Ore Bins' and the adjacent crib wall.
  • Minor protection works to the exposed portal of the 'Upper Flat Rod Tunnel' adjacent to the Ore Bins.
  • Stabilisation of the spoils area and embankments, capping of the spoils with soil and landscaping the area with grass and heather.
  • Development of a drainage network across the capped spoils area.

The support of the community for these necessary public health and safety works is greatly appreciated.