Fees and Expenditure Requirements


Fees are payable as part of the permitting process. There is an Application Fee of €190 for each Prospecting Licence (PL) area. For each six year licence, a Consideration (holding charge) is payable in instalments of between €375 and €1,500.

GroundYear 1 and 2Year 3 and 4Year 5 and 6

Expenditure Requirements

Licence Holders must carry out an agreed work programme to a minimum expenditure level for each Licence area. Minimum expenditure requirements apply for each category of ground:

GroundYear 1 and 2year 3 and 4Year 5 and 6

Note: Expenditures submitted with applications for Competition Areas must be spent, even when they are greater than the minimum requirements.

The Department’s EFT Bank Details

Applicants should be aware that bank charges can apply, particularly when applying from overseas. Provision should be made by the applicant to ensure the full €190 fee is received by the Department. Failure to do so will lead to delays in the application process.

Bank Details:Bank of Ireland, Main Street, Cavan
Account Name:Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment, Accounts Receivable
Account Number:78492156
Bank Sort Code:90-32-93
IBAN:IE48 BOFI 9032 9378 4921 56