RSS Gravity and Magnetic Data

Gravity and magnetic data acquired along the seismic profiles (16,800 km) in 2013 and 2014 are currently available for purchase from the Department.

The gravity and magnetic profile data only is being made available. Gravity and magnetic data are delivered via the Department's FTP site.

Purchase options (gravity and magnetic only)

Entire:           The charge for purchasing the entire gravity and magnetic dataset (16,800 km) is €12,000.


Line km:        €1 per line km of gravity and magnetic data for selected entire line(s) from the survey.

Please note that gravity and magnetic data are not being made available on a part line, basin or year basis.


Separate terms and conditions will apply in respect of exploration company use (interpretation) and commercial use (derivative/value added products).

Academic institutions and bona fide researchers can apply, subject to terms and conditions, for access to the gravity and magnetic data.


Gravity & Magnetic Data request form