Irish Offshore Environmental Assessment (IOSEA) 5


The study area for IOSEA 5 focused on the Atlantic Margin basins west of Ireland and included the entire Porcupine Basin, Slyne Basin, Erris Basin, Donegal Basin, Goban Spur Basin, Fastnet Basin, Celtic Sea basins, Kish Basin and a substantial part of the Irish Rockall Basin including perched basins along its margins.

The purpose of IOSEA 5 was to assess any potential impacts on the marine environment associated with activities conducted under petroleum exploration and production authorisations in the IOSEA 5 area. This included any new authorisations awarded in the 2015 Atlantic Margin Licensing Round, which concluded in September of that year.

The IOSEA 5 Statement forms the final output from the Irish Offshore Strategic Environmental Assessment 5 (IOSEA 5) and refers to the SEA requirements associated with the adoption of a plan. When a plan is adopted, the SEA Environmental Authorities, the public, and any relevant transboundary Member State consulted must be informed, and the following items made available:

• A copy of the Plan as adopted or ‘made’; and

• An SEA Statement summarising how environmental considerations and the Environmental Report were factored into the Plan, a summary of how submissions/consultations were taken into account, the reasons for choosing the Plan as adopted in the light of other reasonable alternatives considered; and the proposed monitoring measures.

Reports and supporting documentation

The IOSEA 5 reports can be viewed at the following links:

SEA Statement

Environmental Report and Annex

Appropriate Assessment

Natura Impact Statement

Final Plan for Issue of Petroleum Authorisations

Details regarding the IOSEA 5 Public Consultation can be found here.