Offshore drilling platform at night.

Making an application

Applications for any authorisation shall be accepted from corporate entities incorporated under Irish Law or from foreign companies.

Where the holder of any authorisation other than a Petroleum Prospecting Licence or a Licensing Option is a foreign company it must have permanent representation in Ireland which is fully authorised to act for such company and to enter into binding commitments in its name.

The receipt of an application will not create any obligation on the part of the Minister to grant any authorisation.

Non-returnable fees shall be payable to the Minister at the time of submission of an application.

These terms apply to the Irish offshore comprising the territorial waters of the State and offshore areas designated by Order from time to time under the Continental Shelf Act, 1968.

The Irish offshore is divided into numbered quadrants of the Offshore (Williams) Grid, measuring 1 degree of latitude by 1 degree of longitude, each quadrant being divided into 30 numbered blocks.

In considering an application the Minister will take the following into account having regard to the authorisation applied for:

  • the work programme proposed by the applicant;
  • the technical competence and offshore experience of the applicant;
  • the financial resources available to the applicant;
  • and where relevant, previous performance by the applicant under any authorisations to which the applicant has been a party