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Information on applicant to be supplied with application

All applications should include:

  • the name, address and nationality of the applicant including information as to the identity of the person who will serve as liaison with the Irish authorities;
  • a copy of the charter or constitution of the applicant;
  • information concerning the applicant's place of registration, its principal place of business, its board of directors, the domicile and nationality of board members, its share capital and shareholdings;
  • information as to the form of the organisation, including, where relevant, information concerning the relationship with its parent company and other integrated corporate structures that may be involved, its technical resources, its petroleum production, refining and marketing capacities and its own petroleum requirements;
  • where required, further details as to the financial structure of the applicant and its parent company including the annual reports for the last three years together with copies of the balance sheets and the profit and loss accounts for the same period, as well as information as to the manner in which exploration and development activities are to be financed and performance guaranteed;
  • in the case of an application for an Exploration Licence, Reserved Area Licence or Petroleum Lease, confirmation that the applicant is chargeable, in accordance with the laws of Ireland, to tax in respect of profits, income and capital gains arising from, or connected with, operations conducted in the offshore area to which the authorisation applies;
  • information concerning the applicant's previous experience in exploration for and exploitation of petroleum;
  • information concerning any authorisation previously issued by the Minister to the applicant or to which the applicant was a party;
  • a statement detailing the applicant's policy towards the safety, health and welfare of the workforce; and
  • a statement detailing the applicant's policy towards the environment.

Additional information may be sought by the Minister following the receipt of applications.